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My name is Anne Wrightson. I have always had the urge to do something creative dabbling in lots of different media since I was a child. At the moment I have a passion for painting photo realism, mosaicing and leadlighting. Currently I am painting and mosaicing and I will be posting some of my fine artworks and later mosaics and leadlights so stay tunned!

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Anne Wrightson

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brad's commision No 2

This is the second commision painting that I did for my cousin Brad. Brad and I were talking one day and he has a art collection that he adds to constantly. He has a few criteria to his collection. The first being a water theme and the second being that he has to know and or preferably met the artist or the artist is still alive. He said he would like a painting with the water theme included also a still life would be ok but not in the traditional still life sense. That started me thinking and I came up with the following painting. It is meant to be the morning after the night before where there may have been a party and the vase and the flowers were tipped over and water spilt. To me it means that although something so beautiful can be fragile as well and I came up with the name "Fallen Beauty." The roses came from my sisters rose garden including the large pink one which has a very intoxicating perfume that was lovely to paint by. Enjoyed doing the reflections in this one.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nora Head

This was a painting that I did a fair while ago. I had sold it to a friend from work without having it properly on file. I have managed to retrieve it from my old phone and think it has come up pretty well. It is of the rocks near Nora Head near Newcastle. I enjoyed doing the rocks in the foreground.

Blue Watering Can

This was the first of the two watering cans that I have done.