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My name is Anne Wrightson. I have always had the urge to do something creative dabbling in lots of different media since I was a child. At the moment I have a passion for painting photo realism, mosaicing and leadlighting. Currently I am painting and mosaicing and I will be posting some of my fine artworks and later mosaics and leadlights so stay tunned!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Brad's commision No 2

This is the second commision painting that I did for my cousin Brad. Brad and I were talking one day and he has a art collection that he adds to constantly. He has a few criteria to his collection. The first being a water theme and the second being that he has to know and or preferably met the artist or the artist is still alive. He said he would like a painting with the water theme included also a still life would be ok but not in the traditional still life sense. That started me thinking and I came up with the following painting. It is meant to be the morning after the night before where there may have been a party and the vase and the flowers were tipped over and water spilt. To me it means that although something so beautiful can be fragile as well and I came up with the name "Fallen Beauty." The roses came from my sisters rose garden including the large pink one which has a very intoxicating perfume that was lovely to paint by. Enjoyed doing the reflections in this one.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nora Head

This was a painting that I did a fair while ago. I had sold it to a friend from work without having it properly on file. I have managed to retrieve it from my old phone and think it has come up pretty well. It is of the rocks near Nora Head near Newcastle. I enjoyed doing the rocks in the foreground.

Blue Watering Can

This was the first of the two watering cans that I have done.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brad's Commision No. 1

This was the first of two commisions that I did for my cousin Brad. He is an architect and was project manager for the new Aldi Store in Toronto. This was a painting as a thankyou gift for the owner of the property. My cousin asked me to bring in elements that would be familiar to the recipient of the painting. The roses that the owner likes to grown where given to my cousins wife. They were then brought over for me to photograph for the painting and then to enjoy their intoxicating perfume. Just wonderful!!! The book is of the family history of the owners of the land and the wine was grown and made by the owner himself. The painting was given to the owner at a dinner after the official opening and as you can see by the photo below that the recipient was ecstatic and very moved by the work. A big challenge and one of my biggest paintings to date. It is the first of my paintings in oils a medium that I am enjoying very much.

The owner of the new Aldi Store site in Toronto receiving his painting from my cousin Brad.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Harvest

This is a still life that I did as a raffle prize for the Toronto District Garden Club. I found it a very interesting painting to do as I particularly liked the effect of the basket. The flowers are not actually flowers but are known as Kale a form of ornamental cabbage grown in gardens for their various colours. Once again I have picked subjects with alot of detail which I seem to have a nack of doing. I don't mind detail to add to the final effect.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

After the Storm

This painting was done as a commision for a friend at my work. The original photo was taken by my friend and sent to me in an email. He took the photo himself down near Belmont/ Swansea where he lives. It was taken late one afternoon after a storm. The second photo is of the detail in the land where the houses are almost glowing in the light. The painting was done on canvas with acrylic paint. The painting is about 1 metre long by about 40cm high. Unfortunately the top and the bottom of the picture is of my paint station and not part of the picture. Needless to say that my friend was very happy with the end result.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

House Number

My House number. The numbered floral tiles were brought back from Spain by my father on a trip over there a few years ago.

Nobby's from the Ocean

This was a painting of the Nobby's headland from the Ocean outside of Newcastle. It sold recently at the Dobell Art Festival. Acrylic on canvas I enjoyed doing the rocks of the headland.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Kitchen Windows

This is one of two windows that I did for my kitchen. I attended a course in leadlighting about 11 years ago and it is the first of my leadlights that I have to show. I enjoy doing leadlighting but have not had the need to do any of late. Perhaps one day.

Watering Can

This was a experiment that I tried with broken plates on an old galvanised watering can. This was the second watering can the first being in blue and white.

Dad's Train

This is a painting that I did for my father who is a model train enthusiast. He has modelled his railway from a Canadian railway called the Clinchfield. It is acrylic on canvas and has turned out very well including the steam rising from above the train as seen before it enters the tunnel. It sits pride of place in his train room. Naturally he thinks it is the best painting thus far.

Wall Pot

As promised I will start to show some of my mosaics and leadlights. This is a wall pot that I made from left over pieces of glass and mirror from my leadlights.

Boats on Stoney Creek

This is a painting that I did of a couple of boats on Stoney Creek - a nearby creek that comes off Lake Macquarie near Toronto. In the background is the old railway bridge that used to take the trains from Fassifern to Toronto Station when I was growing up. This painting was admired by someone local who bought it at the Dobell Arts Festival held a couple of months ago. Hope they enjoy it!

Nobby's from the Ocean baths

For Sale

Acrylic on Canvas


This is a late afternoon scene from the ocean baths in Newcastle of Nobby's